Beckman J2-HC Floor Model Centrifuge



Reference #: LT0516003

Manufacturer: Beckman

Stock: 1

Floor model centrifuge, takes all standard J rotors. Unit works perfectly, except does not cool. Rotors available at additional cost.

Maximum Rated Speed 18,000 rpm

Maximum Force 47,900 x g

Maximum Capacity 3 Liters

Speed Capacity Analog dial , 200-rpm increments

Time Setting To 160 min (60 Hz); 190 min (50 Hz); 5-min increments

Temperature Range -30C to 40C

Maximum Heat Output 2.05 kW (700 Btu/h)

Weight 252 kg (555 lb)

Height 127 cm (50 in)

Width 71 cm (28 in)