Techcon Digital Dispenser Model TS250


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The TS250 provides consistent and repeatable fluid dispensing and material waste control by dispensing low, medium and high-viscosity fluids accurately and consistently.


Cycle Rate:

600 cycles/minute

Timing Range:

0.020 - 60.000 seconds
Timing Repeat Tolerance:+/- 0.001%
Input Pressure:100 psi (6.9bar) maximum
Operating Pressure TS250:1 - 100 psi (0.07 - 6.9bar)
Dispense Modes:Timed and Purge
Meets or Exceeds:CE, TUV-GS and NRTL

Features and Benefits:

  • Universal power supply with snap-on plug for worldwide use
  • User Friendly firmware provides easy setup task
  • Digital timing from 0.020-60.000 seconds
  • +/- 0.001% Timing repeat tolerances
  • Adjustable vacuum-driven ''suck back'' to control material ''tailing'' and waste
  • Stable to conserve work space when multiple TS250 units are used together
  • Large, clearly marked air pressure and vacuum control knobs
  • Precise, finely scaled air pressure gauges
  • High visibility, 16 x 2 LCD display panel with back lighting
  • Accessories included: Universal power adapter, foot switch, 10cc receiver head, air hose with fittings